Festivalbändchen Verschluss mit optionaler Kette

Festival ribbon clasp

Need to remove your festival wristbands at work? Do you have an important meeting and need to cut your festival ribbon? It just bothers you and you just want to take it off for a moment? You want to take a shower without your festival band but don't have a fastener to put it back on?

We now have a solution for that! Whether you're looking for a festival band clasp or a festival ribbon clasp - we've got it!

Our festival band closure to clip on

It couldn't be easier. You cut your festival wristband, hold the ends briefly over your lighter so that they melt and don't fray, and simply clip our clasp onto your festival wristband - done!

And because we know you've got your whole arm full of them, we also offer our closures in a savings package . Visit the shop :)

New techno t-shirts

We have stocked up again and have two new techno shirts for men and women . Our #technoliebe t-shirt in black and white and our Techno Dot Shirt , which is simple yet eye-catching. Do you live techno? Show it with our Techno Clothing .

Techno T-Shirt with #technoliebe imprintBlack t-shirt with white techno print and frame

In addition to the shirts, we also have a new techno hoodie in the shop. Stop by and get your copy before it sells out.

Black hoody with techno print

#technolove <3