Sustainability at Technostoff πŸ₯¬

We know that sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in the techno community, but also in the streetwear bubble. So that you don't have a guilty conscience with your Raver clothes, we would like to improve in terms of sustainability.
At Technostoff, we attach great importance to sustainability . That is why we have taken a number of measures to reduce our carbon footprint and make our contribution to climate protection.
Reducing COΒ² emissions

So we try to reuse our shipping boxes as much as possible and for our 'new' boxes we only use boxes made from recycled cardboard . Whenever possible we use paper or LDPE coex foil bags to minimize shipping volume at our shipping service provider. As a result, more goods fit on trucks and vans and we can save COΒ² emissions. Our foil shipping bags are also 100% recyclable .

carbon footprint

When we ship DHL Paket, we make offset payments to offset our carbon emissions . In addition, we make further compensation payments for every order placed in the shop, which invests in projects that remove carbon from our atmosphere using ocean-based mining and direct air capture.
Textiles made from recycled material
In the future we would like to make our clothes from organic cotton and recycled fabrics. To this end, we will be working closely with producers from 2023 and are looking for ways to set up an environmentally friendly and traceable collection. Our goal is to use only organic and/or recycled fabrics by 2025 . Although this mission is currently still difficult due to the fact that organic cotton and recycled raw materials are more expensive, we are sticking with it.
The use of green energy
We also use electricity from renewable energy sources and sensitize our employees to the topic of sustainability. We promote environmentally conscious behavior in the company and would like to make our contribution to climate protection.
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