About us 🫱🏽‍🫲🏽

At Technostoff We offer you hand-finished streetwear, inspired by techno clothing and scene to complete your lifestyle. Made to Streetwear and techno music In your outfits To unite .

No matter if you are a festival goer, rave Lover or just a night owl, whether you celebrate techno music or just like good streetwear, We produce techno clothes that fit you exactly.

Even if we have the majority of our influences from the Techno Scene We don't just offer techno T-shirts, techno hoodies and other clothes for ravers. Technostoff Is for everyone Who want to wear something different from the others. 🌍

Raving streetwear for club, street and actually everywhere. We love and live what we do. And that is also reflected in every single one of our pieces.

We stand for freedom, love and tolerance. Do what you want to do and be who you want to be. Be free and do what you enjoy.

We love you! ♥


Hi, my name is Rudi and I want you a little insight into the History of Technostoff Give. 👀

2018 I have Technostoff Founded To create fashionable streetwear for ravers with the vision. Originally, the goal was not global, but hey, sometimes life takes unexpected turns! ↗️

We don't just sell clothes, We only refine them after the order has been received in our own premises To always ensure the best quality. Our basic idea: Every raver should have the opportunity to combine their passion for techno music with their streetwear style, no matter where!

It all started with a simple black shirt with our classic web label on the hem and a white "techno" lettering in my 15m ² office. Honestly, I had no idea about textile finishing. Screen printing was the supreme discipline, and I just stumbled into it. Yes, everything was not perfect, but the orders came in little by little, so I Within the first months the 500 sales Had reached. You were up for more Technostoff !

To cover autumn and winter, I expanded the product range to include hoodies. The demand was enormous, and I realized that I had to expand. The whole apartment was full of fabric and space was running out. In the first year, we rented our first own warehouse office production thing. And all this in the first year! 🥰

Over the years we have Constantly developed, tried new printing techniques and expanded our production line To always offer you better products. We have currently grown to 150m ² with an office, studio and shooting area, and we are still up for more!

I see Technostoff As a brand for everyone who wants cool designs and cozy, modern streetwear. No raver? No problem! Everyone can wear our designs-anywhere. At any time. But honestly? Dance over it! You get the highest ecstasy on the dance floor in the techno club! Promise!

There is still a lot to come. Stay tuned.

rave On!